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In bygone days, when large wooden boxes, wet glass plates and an in-depth knowledge of chemistry were the tools of the photographer’s trade, photography was a difficult skill.

As cameras took roughly the form we see them in today, started using film and became more compact and affordable, photography slowly became more accessible, initially as a hobby, and then as a profession. Even then, however, becoming a professional was hard – learning by trial and error when every shot costs money is an expensive business.

In the last decade or so, however, the digital age has created a boom in the number of skilled photographers out there, and as technology moves forward, the technical challenges of photography are shrinking.

As a result, the profession of photography is changing again. Now, you don’t even need to own a camera to become a pro; the phone is the number-one way of taking pictures, and the image quality achievable with today’s phones is comparable with DSLRs from only five years ago.

Enter GrowZA and the Reno Academy - an online smartphone photography academy packaged in partnership with the Cape Town School of Photography giving young South Africans access to skills that are relevant across an increasingly digital (and visual) market landscape. 

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