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GrowZA is a social investment initiative creating a relevant and accessible citizen philanthropy platform.

As a registered Section 18A public benefit organisation (PBO), we enable citizens to make a meaningful difference in their communities by investing in our work via a fully tax deductable donation.

Many of us have a deep social conscience and connection to the wellbeing and growth of South Africa but may not have the time or netork to create an effective personal philanthropic strategy that will make a meaningful and lasting impact.

Through Growza it is possible for you to invest in the future of the continent by directing a percentage of your taxes to a registered PBO each year.  Up to 10% of your taxes may be applied as philanthropic support for small community projects - from creating clean water access points in rural communities to helping children learn about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 


The potential of harnessing citizen’s tax contribution to ensure underserved communities get access to opportunities for growth is limitless. An individual taxpayer could use a tax contribution to genuinely help change lives in their community by supporting the opportunity we're building at GrowZA.


We are answering the call from social movement partners to get creative, work in deep partnership and move boldly around individual tax investments as a complementary strategy to social justice philanthropy in order to build a world where access, wealth, and power are shared equitably. 

We apply the following citizen investment principles in this pursuit


  1. Citizen investing resources a solidarity economy that works for all by investing in community access building.

  2. We work to redefine “impact investing” to mean investing in those most impacted by lack of access.

  3. We work to redefine “return” to mean “returning to right relationship” between people and opportunity.

  4. We work to redefine “risk” to visibilize those who has been placed at “RISK” through lack of social investment and access to opportunity.  

  5. We leverage our shared network power to shift access points by using our unique vantage point and positioning in society.

  6. We partner to embody access solidarity to build the new social economy where we all grow.


South African citizens residing in-country or living as expats may utilise social investment as a tax vehicle depending on the fulfillment of two conditions:

  1. The total amount claimed for deduction must not exceed 10 percent of taxable income, and must be made with no strings attached.

  2. The donation must be made to a qualifying public-benefit organisation (PBO). Such organisations are registered with SARS, and are entitled to issue the donor with a certificate in terms of section 18(a) of the Income Tax Act. This certificate is basically a receipt that reflects the organisation’s PBO registration number, the date of the donation, the names and addresses of both parties, and the amount of the donation.

           NOTE: Donations may be in cash or kind.

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