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Redefining the Cleaning Sector: Insights from the Cleaning Association of South Africa (CASA) Launch

CASA Chair, Clive Damonze launching the association

In the realm of industry transformation, the recent inauguration of the Cleaning Association of South Africa (CASA) stands as a notable moment, not just for the sector but for the broader narrative of labour in our country.

Our Executive Director, Craig Kensley had the privilege of attending this event, and the experience left us with renewed optimism about the future of work and opportunity in South Africa.

The team behind CASA, spearheaded by Mr. Clive Damonze, is a testament to the power of pragmatic leadership in transforming traditionally undervalued sectors. CASA's commitment to professionalizing the cleaning industry, benchmarked against the International Labour Organization's (ILO) standards for decent work, is not merely commendable; it is visionary and thoroughly appropriate.

The ILO's framework advocates for more than just employment; it champions the dignity of labor, equitable opportunities, social protection, and the right to meaningful, safe work. CASA's alignment with these principles is a bold stride towards rectifying long-standing inequities in the cleaning sector. It is a move that resonates with GrowZA's ethos of fostering sustainable growth and social progress.

During the event, GrowZA had the opportunity to share insights on the integral role of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in contemporary business practices. The intersection of ESG with the professionalization of industries like cleaning is critical. It's about embedding sustainability and ethical considerations into the DNA of business operations, ensuring long-term viability and societal impact.

The professionalization of the cleaning sector is a microcosm of the broader change we aspire to drive across industries in South Africa. It's about elevating every job and ensuring that each role is respected and valued, contributing to a more inclusive and balanced economy.

This association launch marks a significant step in the shared journey towards a more equitable South Africa. It challenges the status quo, demanding that we look beyond traditional business metrics and consider the broader impact of our economic activities. It's a call to action for businesses, large and small, to play a part in shaping a more sustainable and just future.

As we move forward, our focus at GrowZA is clear. We are committed to supporting initiatives like CASA that align with our vision of sustainable, inclusive growth. We believe that every sector, no matter how humble its origins, has the potential to be a pillar of progress and dignity.

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