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Mzanzi for sure - Flying the South African flag - A ZAstrong guide



Hey, Mzansi! While soaking in the Rugby World Cup vibes, we couldn't help but notice our beautiful flag making waves across social media and stadiums. It got us thinking, “Why not blend a bit of fun with some flag facts?” - channeling Sheldon Cooper over here.

Origin story

Our flag, designed by the creative genius, Mr. Fred Brownell, first danced in the wind on 27 April 1994. It’s not just a piece of fabric; it's a canvas of our nation's journey. Each colour paints a story, a narrative of unity, diversity, and a shared path forward.

Flag Etiquette 101

Alright South Africa, let’s get our flag game strong! Here’s comes an "all protocol observed" moment when it comes to our national emblem:

Positioning: Remember, red on the left when vertical and on top when horizontal.

This applies to all applications of the flag. Here are a few more technical applications:

Indoor Display: When displayed indoors, it should always be on the right (observers' left), completely spread out with the red stripe on top.

The flag should ideally be displayed completely spread out with the red stripe on top. If hung vertically on the wall behind the podium, the red stripe should be to the left of the onlookers facing the flag with the hoist cord at the top.

A hat tip to Mabena ;-)

During a ceremony where the flag is hoisted or lowered, or when the flag is passing in a parade, all persons present, except for those in uniform, should face the flag while standing at attention with the right hand over the heart. Hats should be removed and held in the right hand at the left shoulder with the hand over the heart.

Unofficially Symbolic, Officially Pragtig!

While the colours don’t have ‘official’ meanings, they echo tales of our land, our people, and our journey. From the green of our landscapes to the blue of our vast skies, each hue has a story to tell.

Keep the GEES Alive!

South Africans, you’re a vibrant bunch! Let’s keep that GEES going, supporting the Bokke with flair, while also giving a nod to our flag. And hey, in the spirit of the #ZAstrong movement, let’s jazz up our social media with patriotic ZAstrong and Springbok gifs available on all platforms.

Our flag is a heartbeat, a rhythm, a symbol of unity. As we wave it, let’s remember its history and its telling of our story

Here’s to our teams, our people, and our beautiful nation! 🇿🇦

This is how we #GrowZA


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