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Dear friends

All we want for Xmas is you :-)

This started out as letter to our board to thank them for the support over the past year and for the commitment they have shown to the mission of GrowZA. As the cursor blinked in anticipation of the opening sentence I realised that the audience is much broader and that we owe a debt of gratitude to a number of people and organisations that have made this year the success it has been.

Please don't expect a list, you know who you are. I would, however, like to list some of the notable milestones GrowZA has reached this calendar year and through this evidence the support of so many.

KEEP THE CHANGE is not a throwaway comment, it speaks to the intense period of transition we are living through and the value we have been able to mine from the flux of fluid working and family environments, loss and opportunity and most markedly the power of collective action in response to a global set of challenges.

In 2021 the GrowZA credo to "Connect development opportunities to resources and so bring to life the heart of social investors in communities in order to accelerate social progress as expressed in the SDG's" permeated all aspects of design, execution and reporting, affirming the GrowZA business case as reflected in our annual results.

This orientation has resulted in a number of dynamic touch-points and sources of pride for the GrowZA team. These include:

  • Production of our first publication in support of SDG 6 messaging to foundation phase learners across the continent (20 000 copies distributed)

  • Co-option onto a national of judging panel of a premier social investment awards programme celebrating innovation in development

  • Launching our First Mile bursary programme and funding our first cohort of students

These, among other milestones has affirmed our drive for practical innovation in the social investment and research arenas and has resulted in attracting the attention of new clients and community partners at a rate that has both excited and overwhelmed us at times!

What must be noted is the incredible work of our back office team who have ensured industry leading turnarounds on SED reporting, governance programming and financial prudence as we build a sustainable social enterprise.

Securing our Public Benefit Organisation Section 18A status is also a significant moment in the build of the GrowZA vision for accessible citizen investment platforms.

As we launch into Africa in Quarter 1 of 2022, we thank all partners for their commitment, investment and uplifting stories of grit and determination as we GrowZA.

The shift in development theory to regenerative development practice is one we track with interest as it documents the change in how we see the global project of social progress. Keep your eyes on our platforms for updates about how we interpret this is our programmes.

We have been shaken, we have been knocked down, we have laughed and cried. Through it all we have served each other, there is no greater calling.

We commit to curiosity, openness and pragmatism. I invite you to follow, support and join our movement.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Craig and the #GrowZA leadership team


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