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GrowZA launches BBBEE Trust Management Division

Over the course of GrowZA Social Investment Agency's growth journey, one feature has been consistently present - practical innovation. Bringing this orientation to all interactions with stakeholders has been the differentiating factor and has driven the impact agenda shared with partners.

Fig 1: GrowZA partner activation in Alexandra, Gauteng

"NGO's" are often boxed into interactions viewed through a CSI lens (see our article on the rise of CSI 2.0 here) and as such are ushered into a limiting role as part of a corporate narrative. GrowZA's social investment DNA shines through in these settings as we doggedly pursue the development strategy drivers within impact conversations in order to better serve both our client and the communities that host them.

It is in response to this firm tenet in our organisation that clients have drawn us into deep development partnerships that not only informs programme design and management but also builds development strategy within their businesses.

These development partnership commitments spawn innovation and draws professionals from across functions into the impact conversation, allowing them to participate and contribute. We work with finance teams, human capital thinkers, production departments and the more traditional marketing and CSI professionals to realise the development ideals of the group in concert.

The nett effect of this approach has been the attraction of opportunities that extend beyond the transactional into the transformative.

We are proud to announce that in response to the volume of inputs to our client's trust activities, we have had to fully resource this offering to the market and now offer a turnkey Trust Management service to the market. This allows for clients to interact with our team for strategy execution support, governance administration, financial and impact reporting as well as cause marketing activation.

We welcome this growth and look forward to serving the needs of the growing African development market with transparent, pragmatic insights and delivery.

This is how we #GrowZA


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