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GrowZA forms mentorship partnership with National Mentorship Movement

GrowZA is proud to have been identified as a National Mentorship Network partner organisation for 2023 / 2024. This partnership sees the GrowZA team mentoring social entrepreneurs across sectors to reach their potential through dynamic growth engagement and sectoral immersions.

The National Mentorship Movement is a non-profit organisation aimed at building a movement that allows every South African to prosper and grow through Mentorship – the Power of Two.

Mentoring has the development of people at heart using reflective means and tools to enhance insight and learning within a strong ethical-framework.

Mentoring involves the offering of guidance, support and often solutions to problems. In most cases the mentor is seen to be an expert, with experience and knowledge particular to the mentee’s need for development.

What attracted us to the National Mentorship Network is the understanding that in an entrepreneurial mentoring relationship, the mentors are not necessarily content experts or specialists. Their role is to listen to the experiences of the mentees and to share their own experiences with the mentees to drive exploratory growth conversations. Consequently, discussions will revolve around events experienced by the mentees within their business settings so that the mentees can learn from their own experiences as well as those of their mentors.

The programme kicks off with a cohort of entrepreneurs tenanted at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront and will be resourced by a dynamic team of mentors from across sectors.

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