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Our Story. Access Based Development


GrowZA is part think tank, part policy shop and part project incubator serving the African development agenda through access-based development partnerships.

Societal access is a factor of the delivery of public services, facilities and amenities to intended user groups.


This access can be impacted by high cost, the lack of appropriate infrastructure or inherent/historical prejudices within the system that restrict use.

GrowZA harnesses the potential of an access based development approach for good as a catalyst for impactful change, driving human rights agendas and growing wealth creation potential in under-served communities. 

Our access-based orientation manifests across the following programmatic expressions:








GrowZA programme impact anchors are structured relative to SDG 4 (Quality Education) and SDG 17 (Strategic Partnerships) indicators. This allows for pragmatic tracking of return on investment for partners and serves as a true North for our programme designers.

We view SDG 4 as the "Gateway SDG" and see the SDG 4 platform as the springboard from which to impact a broad range of development outcomes. SDG 17 activation is positioned as a critical complementary sustainability channel for programming and development outcomes.

GrowZA delivers programming (as outlined above) and social investment consulting services to the market.

The professional services suite includes:
Programme Design; Project Management; Social Impact Fund management and Feasibility studies to the donor market.

Exchange Programmes

Social Impact Investment

Industry Engagement and immersions

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