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Our Story. Access Based Development

GrowZA stands at the crossroads of innovation and development. We are part think tank, part policy shop, and part project incubator, dedicated to serving the African development agenda through access-based development partnerships.

Our foundation lies in the understanding that societal access – the provision of public services, facilities, and amenities – is pivotal for growth. However, barriers such as high costs, lack of infrastructure, and systemic prejudices can limit this access. GrowZA aims to break these barriers. We harness the potential of access-based development as a catalyst for transformative change, championing human rights and fostering wealth creation potential in under-served communities.

Our commitment to sustainable development runs deep. We bridge the gap between global resources and African development opportunities, focusing on everything from grassroots community endeavors to the broader socioeconomic dynamics. All our efforts align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are especially tethered to SDG 4 (Quality Education) which we regard as the "Gateway SDG", and SDG 17 (Strategic Partnerships), using them as guiding stars for impactful change and sustainability.

As a leading nonprofit social investment agency in South Africa, our voice is distinct – engaging, professional, and deeply rooted in Africa. Our vision? A thriving South Africa. Our track record? Proven, with numerous successful initiatives that underscore our dedication to this grand vision.

Our programmatic expressions embody our access-based orientation, and our program impact anchors allow pragmatic social progress tracking of ROI for our partners. 

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A South African non-profit that understands business

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