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Translating the good work of partners into the language of social progress.   

The SDGs were adopted by the UN in 2015 and are, essentially, a blueprint for saving the planet by 2030. There are 17 Goals, the first 16 of which are assigned to readily identifiable social-good causes: hunger, poverty, education, gender equality, climate, etc. The last one, though — SDG 17 — is called “Partnerships,” and in our estimation, it is recognition by the UN that the public sector will never be able to raise the trillions of rands necessary every year to achieve the first 16 Goals without partnering with the private sector.

If a brand is doing / is looking to do virtually anything under the social good umbrella — from working hand in hand with nonprofits to CSR efforts — our expertise in tying your work to an international framework like the SDGs will help get 1) more visibility 2) more impact for your efforts 3) return on investment in real terms.

We align, build and manage socially responsible solutions to BBBEE scorecard needs, Skills Development programming, Social Economic Development spend and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.  

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