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Our offer.

Translating the good work of partners into the language of social progress.   

At GrowZA, we are dedicated to shaping the future of sustainable development by leveraging strategic partnerships and aligning with international frameworks.


Our expertise is rooted in connecting your brand to a broader development landscape that extends beyond the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), encompassing diverse frameworks addressing global and regional social progress challenges by 2030.

Whether your brand collaborates with nonprofits, engages in CSR initiatives, or plans to launch a social impact fund, GrowZA is your trusted partner in aligning your efforts with a comprehensive array of development frameworks. Such alignment not only elevates your visibility but also magnifies your impact, and delivers tangible social ROI. GrowZA stands by you in navigating the intricate web of development principles, fostering meaningful change.


Fund Management: Our team of experts manages social investments with precision, optimizing the allocation of funds to create lasting change.

Strategy Formulation: We provide insightful guidance on aligning your initiatives with sound development practice, developing strategies that resonate with your brand and mission.

Project Management: Our fortification methodology emphasizes strengthening existing community partnerships to seed, embed, and scale social progress programs.

Stakeholder Engagement: We build and nurture relationships with key stakeholders, fostering collaboration and ensuring alignment with your objectives.

Socially Responsible Solutions

We specialize in creating socially responsible solutions tailored to BBBEE scorecard needs, Skills Development programming, Social Economic Development spend, and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Our approach focuses on aligning, building, and managing these efforts to achieve tangible results.

Case Study: Urban Farming Network

As an example of our impact, GrowZA manages the social investment program for an American multinational engineering company. Through this partnership, we have established a network of urban farming projects supported by water security infrastructure. This initiative, linked to corporate sponsorship programs and the SDGs, enables communities to generate sustainable income and improve food security.

Strategic Positioning

GrowZA's reach extends beyond project management. We actively participate in strategic national working groups, such as the Statistics South Africa Sectoral Working Group for the UN SDG country report. Our involvement in these initiatives positions us at the forefront of development strategy and innovation, offering invaluable insights to our partners.

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