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Linsey Levendal Studio Session with art students from Belhar High School - Cape Town South Africa

Written by Craig Kensley

This morning I posted a picture I had to have taken for an awards programme I am involved in. An amazing young photographer Auriol Daniels - check out the amazing work they put out - came over to take the pics and we played around with backdrops.

We were consistently drawn to an amazing artwork we have displayed by the prolific Linsey Levendal (a Capetonian visual artist based in Canada). What makes this artwork particularly unique is the process through which it was birthed. A mashup of creativity, free expression and collaboration.

In 2017, Linsey travelled back home to serve a residency at Salon 91 and we took the opportunity to engage him in a collaborative studio session with a group of art students from Belhar High School. As part of the work of an organisation I co-founded (Museum Teen Summit Africa) we co-opted the joint inspiration of the room with the painting you see in the photograph as the result.

It truly is one of a kind and on closer inspection can be seen to include a few beautifully random additions by the 25 - 30 hands that touched it.

Creative development remains a key focus of GrowZA and we look to doing more studio sessions in the near future.

See more photographs of the day below.


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